What is a Women’s Harness

Now fashion is changing very quickly and pleases us with the appearance of new accessories and the possibility of creating new images. Leather harness is an accessory with history and came into fashion quite a long time ago, however, it has gained popularity in our days and fashionistas from all over the world are increasingly choosing it to experiment with their appearance.

Leather women harness is an accessory consisting of straps of different thicknesses that are intertwined with a certain geometric pattern.

You can wear a harness on any part of the body – chest, waist, hips or calves, etc. Therefore, before buying, you need to think about for what occasion and with what clothes to wear it. There are also sexy versions of the harness that are worn on the naked body.

Some types of harnesses are combined with each other and create a coherent stylish look – a choker with a chest harness and leg garters or a full body with garters. Erotic image combinations allow simultaneous wearing of a full-body harness, crotchless panty sets, bondage lingerie with leather chokers and handcuffs.

Why do you need a Harness

Harness is a very unusual stylish and bright accessory, so a woman will always be in the spotlight. Also, with the help of a belt, you can add variety to your everyday style and your ordinary t-shirt with jeans or a top with shorts will look completely different.

With the help of a belt, girls can also experiment with style and change it at their discretion: today she is a rocker, tomorrow she is casual, and a week later she is gothic, and in the bedroom with a friend she is an erotic beauty, and this is all with the help of harness and fantasy accessories.

How to choose

To get the expected effect and pleasure from wearing a harness, we advise you to choose the right harness and below we provide a short guide to buying the perfect harnesses for women.

Step 1. Determine for which cases a Harness is needed.

As you already understood, a leather harness is a universal accessory and can be worn both over basic clothing and on a naked body. Therefore, before buying, determine how often you will wear it – the correct choice of model and type of material depends on this. For example, a vegetable-tanned harness is durable and practical, but it is better to wear it over clothes, while a nappa or patent leather harness often has an inner layer of suede, so it is suitable for wearing on a naked body (it is more often bought by girls for special occasions and creating their own erotic images or for BDSM games).

Harnesses for a casual look look like X-shaped or gossamer weaving, and harnesses for sexual purposes provide additional fittings for attaching kink accessories (handcuffs, leggings, garters, bondages), additional cutouts in intimate areas.

Step 2. Determine the Type of your Figure

There are several types of female figure.

For the “apple” type, harnesses are suitable, consisting of two separate parts – top and bottom, while they will visually make the appearance and proportions of the body more harmonious and you will look spectacular. It is recommended to wear wide harness belts and leg garter.

For the “pear” type, a harness for the upper body, leather underwear and garters for the thigh are suitable.

Owners of an hourglass figure are an ideal option for any fashion designer, and most models are created from precisely such proportions, so any harness looks advantageous and emphasizes dignity.

For curvy women with plus size, you can choose different corsets, belts from wide straps of simple design (thin straps will drag the body and add folds – it will not look as beautiful as in the picture of a fashion magazine).

Thin girls with small breasts can safely wear harnesses made of thin straps of a complex geometric pattern, and they can also wear underwear sets with a cage bra that can be worn over tops and on a naked body. You can also complement the image with garter belt set and a choker.

Step 3: Determine the Size

The harness looks spectacular on the female body, when it beautifully fits the curves and draws attention to those parts of the body that it is worn on. Therefore, it is important that the straps have a wide range of adjustments with buckles to fit your figure. The straps should not be too loose and dangling, but too tight straps will look unaesthetic, squeeze the skin and leave marks. And this is already harmful to your health.

The best option is to make a harness according to your parameters. Many well-known brands offer this service, such as the Obsessharness.com , while the buyer does not bear any additional costs – this is a free option.

Step 4. Choose a color and material

Harness is made from different materials, the most common are genuine leather and leather substitute. The latter has a larger palette of colors and a lower price, genuine leather is more expensive, but at the same time durable and practical.

They say that everyone has different tastes and preferences in colors, so there can be no clear recommendations here, but there are some features that we want to remind you of.

Red is the color of sexuality and eroticism, bright and attracts attention, so it is better to leave a sexy lingerie in this color for a “special” occasion or role-playing games.

On swarthy girls, the colors of pastel shades and nudes look beautiful. On pale skin – bright colors (purple, blue, yellow, pink).

The black harness is universal and suitable for everyone and for combination with any clothes, and the white one is if you want to achieve the effect of “airiness” and make your look not so bold and bright.

Step 5. Which store to choose

Now women are increasingly shopping from online stores, as this saves time and you can view products without leaving home. However, it is advisable to buy a harness either in a store where you can try it on or in a store that can make it individually for you. If you have a standard figure, then you can order using the size chart. But the store and the brand must have a good reputation in the market.

Obsessharness is a well-known branded genuine leather accessories store that ships worldwide. You can choose from more than 150 models in any color you like. You can also choose your set from the products you like, as the models go well with each other. Products are made by craftsmen by hand, and materials and accessories are of Italian quality.

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