“Home is where the heart is” is a famous quote with thousands of meanings. But in this post, we are literally talking about the essence of your home design. 

Everybody loves going home because it is a place where you can throw all your worries away and feel loved and have peace of mind. Your home is your comfort zone and your haven.

But how can you make your home inspired? And why do you think such inspiration is needed?

There are different ways you want your home inspired. Inspiration can have something to do with the theme. We lay down seven great decoration ideas to inspire your home design.

When you think about home design, what comes out of your witty brain is the expertise of painters and decorators.

So, let’s get into it.

Styling Secrets to Make a Lovely Home

1. Changing the Colour Palette

That’s a complex home design undertaking. What do you know about palettes? If you have a knack for colour design and learn how to play with a colour palette, that’s great. You don’t need to be an expert in colours for your home.

Changing the colour palette is about making the colours or paint complementary—if colours go together. Getting harmony with colours will enhance your home in ways you can imagine.

If the colour combination is not pleasing to the eye, you can choose, mix and match with the colour of your furniture, throw pillows, curtains, floor carpets, wallpapers and add accessories you like. Start with large pieces of furniture and decide on the rest once you place those huge items that complement walls and floors.

2. Think of Your Closet as an Asset

Another famous quote would say, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” One common problem with our bedrooms is when it is full of clutter. This happens when you think less of organising your wardrobe. There’s a good reason why the closet is where it is meant to be to keep your clothes nice and neat!

Whilst your closet is a part of your room’s structure, it should blend with the space’s design. Try to install or customise a closet that will add harmony with the room’s design. This way, changing clothes will be more enjoyable.

3. Set the Mood for Effective Lighting

Have you heard about cove lighting? Cove lighting is prevalent in modern home design. It uses LED lights, as they make the surface absorptive rather than reflective.

Conventional lighting only bounces from wall to ceiling or ceiling to floor. Furthermore, LED lighting is perfect for people who hate bright lights. Besides, they are energy efficient.

Ceilings with cove lighting using LED produce subtle lighting filled with warmth and calm. It’s because the cove effect diffuses the illumination of bright lights across a space. Ultimately, cove lighting sets the mood.

Create a beautiful home designed with light fixtures that leave a relaxing ambience all over the room.

4. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are utility pieces that we use every day at home. Regarding home design, we can add mirrors to amplify a small space or enhance a wall with the mirrors’ geometric style. Home styling with mirrors will depend on your personality. You can play with frame sizes and shapes and adorn them with things you think are pleasing to your eyes. Some people revere mirrors as art pieces, making them opulent furniture that enhances the space’s aesthetic.

5. Accent Walls

Sometimes, your plain, boring painted wall isn’t enough to say your home is well designed. Adding wall coverings in the forms of wallpaper, tiles, wood, or even glass gives your wall an illustrious and dazzling effect on the eyes.

You can cover the entire wall or create an accent wall out of these materials. When planned properly, with the assistance of professional decorators, accent walls leave that wow feeling amongst your visitors in the room, whether it is a dining room or living room.

6. Add Greenery

Make a lovely home with plants and flowers.

But how do you decorate your house with plants? How do you adorn your place with flowers? 

Home decorators have a flair for making a home going back to nature. Stylish enough to know which plants and flowers are suitable for every corner of your home, they are also experts in luring the space with greens.

If you’re not a plant person and don’t have a garden in your yard, you can start with simple plants in small pots in the bathroom, kitchen and patio.

Let your creative mind work by matching your home aesthetics with houseplants like bamboo, snake plant or cacti. If you worry about pest infestation or plant disease, ask a local garden for the best indoor plants.

You can make your place cohesive by treating your newly acquired ornamental plants as pieces of home decors. If you think the walls in the background make the plants ugly or vice versa, why not indulge in wall painting? You can seek the help of a professional painter to achieve exactly what you like.

7. Adding a Bar Corner

What a pleasant place when friends and guests come by and have someplace to settle ‘immediately’ with your newly installed bar. Does it have to be filled with wine? Of course, add all sorts of drinks, from soft to hard, to have something for your guests to freshen whilst chatting. You can even add a coffee corner, depending on the type of guests you frequently have.

A wine bar or coffee corner makes your home look elegant. But other than the impressive layout of the bar, it also helps you become organised whilst helping your guests ‘feel at home’.


Whether you’d like to have rooms painted with the same colour to feel like a larger space or contrasting colours to make the space smaller, it’s your choice. Or, if you can’t decide on any piece of furniture added or removed, you can always get the recommendations of expert decorators and painters.

It doesn’t really matter what your goals are. But if the ultimate desire is to make your home lovely, there are a ton of ways to do it. You can’t settle on these seven ideas and can explore limitlessly. What’s important is you’re happy and fulfilled with your home design.

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