Handicap 1 left is one of the forms of handicap bets in online football betting. This type of bet is currently being loved by many bettors and chooses to catch the bet. So what is 1 left hand? How to bet 1 left handicap at 789BETs? Follow along with the following article to learn about the 1-left handicap and the secret to effective handicap betting.

1. What is a 1 left handicap?

Handicap is a popular form of online football betting today. Most players also know the handicap with another name, Asian or Handicap. In the handicap, players can choose from many different types of handicap, for example: handicap 1 left, handicap 1.25 left, handicap 1.75 left, handicap 2 left,…

Handicap 1 left is known to be one of the types of handicaps most chosen by bettors. So what is the 1 left handicap? In football betting, the concept of handicap 1 left is understood as follows: In a football match, there will be 2 participating teams: The upper door team, the lower door team.

The top team is the team that is considered to have the advantage of home field and competitive ability.

The bottom team is understood as the away team. At the same time, the bottom team is also the team with a lower probability of winning.

Handicap 1 left indicates the upper hand handicap 1 left. With this type of bet, players can choose to bet on the top or bottom team with a handicap of 1 left.

2. How to read handicap 1 left?

To bet on handicap in football, you not only need to learn what the handicap is, but you also need to know how to read this handicap on the odds table. Handicap 1 left symbol as follows:

The signed Full 1 Left Handicap is currently FT 1.0/0.90 (0.90 is the odds the player gets). The first half left 1 handicap is denoted as H1 1.000/0.90.

The top team odds will be denoted above the bottom team odds.

In addition, in the process of learning how to read the handicap 1 left, players should note that the handicap is also known as the Handicap. Therefore, in some odds tables, this type of rafter is denoted as HDP.

3. How to bet on 1 left handicap?

With a 1-left handicap, bettors participate in one of the following cases:

In case the top team wins the underdog by 2 or more goals: The player who bets on the top team wins the bet.

In case the top team wins the bottom team by 1 left: The player is refunded his bet, regardless of which door you bet on.

In case the two teams tie, the player who bet on the bottom team wins the bet.

4. The secret to playing handicap 1 big win

Finding out what the handicap is 1 left is the first step for players to start trying their hand at football betting. In addition to the basic knowledge of betting rules, how to read the odds, etc., if you want to bet big, you can’t ignore the tips below.

4.1 Handicap 1 left by home team – away team

Competence is the core factor to determine victory or defeat in football betting. However, the away and home factors also have a big impact on the final result of the match. Accordingly, players can choose to bet on the home team. The home field advantage will make the players more favorable and also help the strikers reduce psychological pressure when playing.

4.2 Make a bet based on the head-to-head history of the 2 teams

Based on the confrontation history of the 2 teams, what is the handicap of 1 left? This football betting secret is done as follows: Players can track the head-to-head history of both teams to determine which team is in better form.

In addition, the historical factor of confrontation also assesses the real correlation of the two teams. If the confrontation history favors any team, it is highly likely that that team will still win the upcoming match.


4.3 Based on the force to the field to catch the handicap 1 left?

Football bettors can also make bets based on the number of players on the field of both teams. You should bet on the team with the main players playing.

If a team lacks key players, players should not catch a bet because the force factor also affects the spirit of the remaining players. Bet players should choose a team that has a stable playing force and a stable performance over many matches.

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4.4 Make a bet according to the history of the most recent matches

In football betting, the history of the most recent matches is also a factor that players should consider placing bets. You should bet on teams with a higher win rate according to the history of the last 5 to 10 matches.

The above article has provided a summary of information to answer the question of what is the 1 left handicap? Hopefully, the above sharing will help bettors have more useful knowledge to bet on football effectively. Good luck.

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