In situations with a lot of traffic, pedestrians have a significant risk of being in an accident. A motor vehicle is usually the cause of a pedestrian accident, however, bikers have also been observed to collide with pedestrians. Despite the fact that a bicycle is lighter and less forceful than a typical car, the impact’s force can still severely harm the pedestrian.

Below, we have included a list of essential measures a pedestrian should consider during a collision with cycling. Contact a knowledgeable accident lawyer to get legal help.

If a cyclist strikes me, is it still considered a pedestrian accident?

When it comes to accidents, if you are in a fault state, you have to identify who was at fault for the collision and thoroughly examine the accident. This is known as allocating fault.

You can share blame under fault state law, but you cannot file a lawsuit against a person who is not guilty. As a result, before submitting a claim, your legal representation needs to go deep and examine all the available information to prove liability.

A motorbike rider should have insurance if they strike you. Motorcycle riders must provide evidence of their financial responsibility, often achieved by buying liability coverage. When the cyclist is at fault, and you have injuries that result in medical expenses, lost wages, or other losses, you may file a claim under this liability insurance coverage.

You need to determine if the biker has insurance to pay for the collision if they hit you while biking. Liability insurance is not a requirement for bikers. But the individual may have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, and such policies might include personal liability protection. If the cyclist rents their bicycle, the rental firm may offer insurance to its customers.

Three Steps to take if you are injured by a bicyclist accident

  • Get immediate help

Get immediate assistance. Make a call to the police. The cops will create an official police report once they arrive. You can request a copy of the report as supporting documentation for your claim. Paramedics could also show up there to assist in caring for persons with accident-related injuries.

  • Exchange contact information

It is recommended to ask for personal information from nearby witnesses and anyone who may have contributed to the accident. Your chances of getting a just settlement to pay for the collision’s damages will increase if you include more information in your claim.

  • Speak to an attorney. 

Following an accident, you must speak to an attorney. An attorney can assist you in seeking compensation and ensure you get the deserving compensation.

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