Korean media Vn88.cx revealed that striker Hwang Hee-chan was disappointed because he had not played a minute at the 2022 World Cup.

Hwang cried a lot and felt disappointed because he couldn’t play and contribute to the team,” Vn88 mobile Sports quoted goalkeeper Jo Hyeon-woo after the match between Korea and Ghana ended on the night of November 28 (hours) After that, Koo Ja-cheol, a former celebrity and now a KBS commentator, approached and comforted Hwang.

“Are you okay? Even if you can’t play in the next match, you are still the key player of the team. If you have the opportunity to play for 5 minutes, give your best,” STN Sports quoted the match. Koo Ja-cheol and Hwang’s chat.

Hwang has not played a minute at the 2022 World Cup. The Wolves striker is trusted by coach Paulo Bento but cannot play because of a hamstring problem. According to Vn88cx, this 26-year-old striker was injured before joining the team to Qatar.

Before the match against Uruguay, Hwang had to practice separately with a fitness coach and was not eligible to play. At the training session before the match against Ghana, the striker could put on his shoes and complete the exercises of finishing, running, and passing the ball. However, coach Bento still decided not to use Hwang. The striker’s ability to play in the match against Portugal on December 2 is still open.

Hwang has scored 9 goals in 49 games since making his national team debut in 2016. The striker has been training in Europe since 2014 and has played for Salzburg, Hamburg, Leipzig and now Wolves.

Cho Gue-sung shared information with Vn88 when replacing Hwang in the center position of the Korean team. The 24-year-old scored twice in three minutes against Ghana and went down in history as the first Asian player to score twice with his head in a World Cup match.

The Korean team was forced to win against Portugal in the last round and wait for the results of the Ghana – Uruguay match to know its fate. Coach Bento’s teachers and students only earned a point after 2 matches, equal to Uruguay but with a better difference (-1 vs. -2).

If you go online and type in the keyword “player wet” in English, there will be more than 1.7 million results returned. As a football player, the keyword “player crying” is only inferior to the two keywords “Messi crying silently” (more than 2.5 million results) and “CR7 crying” (more than 10.2 million results). ).

Even Vn88.cx said that if only in the past few years, the number of times that a crying player has shed tears is more than Messi and CR7 combined. Fans of the land of kimchi, Son Heung-min are their Ronaldo and Messi. No one has the right to judge this Tottenham striker just because of those tears of happiness or sorrow. But Korean football needs this 31-year-old striker to be stronger.

It was not until the end of the match when referee Anthony Taylor blew the whistle to signal the controversial match that fans witnessed the tears of football of Kim Chi’s settlement. When this wet player scored a double in just 4 minutes, making fans dream of a breakthrough, many Korean fans also went up to the Education City stadium to cry.

Fans cried because they were happy, that’s what Vn88 mobile said about the Korean team, because joy and happiness broke out in the situation that the Korean team was leading 2 goals in surprise. . The tears of Korean football fans continued to fall when the 22-year-old player scored the winning goal of the match. All the audience in the field witnessed this wet player crying again when someone asked to take a commemorative photo with him.

It is a humorous image. Winners admire losers. The world’s top striker could not stand the pressure of a whole football background. When the Korean players stood up fiercely after 2 stunned goals in the first half, the crying player looked like a true captain. He ran on the field tirelessly, constantly getting fouled and was the one to cross the ball for Cho Gue-sung to score a 2-2 equalizer.

But that pride did not last long. The Korean team has shown its incompetence in controlling the tempo of the game and lack of rigor in attack. The Korean team’s central defenders forgot about Kudus in an attack in the second half of the second half. They need to remember that the 23-year-old is one of Ajax’s “goods” waiting to increase in price after this year’s World Cup. .

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