If earlier garden lawns and country verandas were mainly decorated with wicker furniture, today many well-known furniture brands offer sets made of natural rattan for living rooms and bedrooms in their line.

We often include furniture made of natural materials in the design projects we develop , as they are ecological and perfectly fit into the interiors of completely different styles: from deliberately ethnic and romantic in the style of shabby chic and eco, to hi-tech and loft.

Wicker chests, hanging chairs made of rattan, beds with a woven headboard in a tropical style add unusualness to the interior design , make it memorable.

Rattan is called dry stems of tropical vines – just knowing that you are sleeping on a bed that is woven from vines, on which huge orangutans could move in distant jungles, agree, creates a wonderful mood.

During production, vines are cleaned of bark, calibrated and steam-treated, everything is done to obtain a perfect material in terms of elasticity. The finished product is covered with varnish or wax, painted.

Advantages of wicker furniture made of natural rattan

Natural rattan is very strong: it can withstand a lot of weight, does not crack or break. Therefore, it is suitable for constant, even careless use.

The wear resistance of rattan furniture is so high that, having placed a comfortable wicker set in your garden, you can easily forget about it and not run to cover it every time as soon as it rains, which often happens in our latitudes.

At the same time, the weight of the furniture is small. Rattan is a light, airy material that does not visually complicate the room. It interestingly fits into the modern interior , adds notes of coziness and tropical warmth to it.

Rattan furniture has increased resistance to temperature changes: you don’t have to hide the furniture from the sun’s rays or protect it from the cold. Rattan products are ideal for decorating the interiors of country houses.

Another advantage is that rattan is not afraid of rain. The material does not get wet, does not swell and does not lose color or strength after getting wet. If the chair sits in the rain, it will not deteriorate.

Almost all furniture burns out in the sun. Rattan – no. The material does not dry out, does not become brittle or hard, and retains its color. Such furniture can be left outside all summer without any consequences.

Wicker rattan furniture in the interior of the house

Rattan products are bought for the home not only because of practicality and durability. Wicker furniture changes the atmosphere in the house. It has been proven that rattan has special bioenergetics. It has a positive effect on a person, lifts the mood and calms. The material brought from Indonesia brings warmth and sun.

Despite its strength and reliability, rattan is very elastic and smooth. Therefore, you can make anatomically correct chairs from rattan, in which it will be as comfortable as possible to sit.

In addition, if the process of creating furniture was correct, then such furniture will never press, will not leave snags on clothes and will not scratch the skin.

Rattan furniture is interestingly combined in the interior with glass, wood, leather, metal, natural stone, various textiles and in sacramento iron works.

Wicker rattan armchairs , if supplemented with bright pillows, become an ideal island of tropical comfort even in the interior of a modern loft.

Woven sconces or lamps will look perfect in the interior of the bedroom : the light, gently seeping through the intricate weaving, will fill the room with soft light. The whimsical shadows that remain on the walls and ceiling will set a magical tone for future dreams.

If we talk about the environmental friendliness of the interior , rattan furniture has no equal here: the natural natural color of dry vines is so familiar to the human eye that it has a calming effect and creates a feeling of comfort.

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