The concept of Universal Travel Pass is aligned with the establishment-based pass concept. Different establishments are classified based on their nature of business and number of staff members. To apply for the Universal Travel Pass, an establishment must first request registration on the pass portal. Once approved, the establishment will have to upload a list of its staff members who are likely to travel frequently. In addition, the establishment must have access to a mobile device.

In addition to filling out the Universal Travel Pass application form, the establishment authority will also have to submit the name, category, and contact details of its staff. A photo of the establishment’s registration certificate is also required. The establishment will also need to provide its coordinator’s name, contact number, and establishment category. Once the information is verified, the establishment will receive a text message confirming the application. The entire process can take as little as a few minutes.

Universal Travel Pass is a QR-based electronic pass for citizens who have been fully vaccinated. This pass is valid on trains, buses, and other mass-communication vehicles. It’s also possible to travel by presenting the Universal Travel Pass to a bus operator, railway station, or other authority to avoid hassles while traveling. This will ensure that no one is turned away due to insufficient vaccination. A QR-enabled travel pass will save the time of identifying a person and allowing them to board the train.

With the Universal Travel Pass, people can use all modes of public transportation in Maharashtra without worrying about restrictions. In addition to trains, the government has provided the citizens of Maharashtra with five different levels of unlocking. Level three travel passes allow people to travel without restrictions in Maharashtra, level four travel passes allow them to travel in any state without any limitations. There is also a travel category called degree five for non-Maharashtra residents.

You can generate a Universal Travel Pass by registering online. Simply provide the establishment’s registration details, upload your latest photograph, and wait for a link to appear. Your Universal Travel Pass will be available to download within 48 hours. You can then save the link or print a hard copy of the pass. It’s that easy! All you have to do is print the Universal Travel Pass! You’ll be on your way in no time.

To use the Universal Travel Pass, you need to possess a valid passport. The passport should contain a QR code, which allows you to authenticate your identity to the bus authority. The pass also includes travel insurance for any unexpected circumstances, such as cancellation, delays, or loss. The Pass is not valid for essential service workers but for all citizens of India. This card is useful if you have to travel during lockdown. It’s also convenient to carry around for emergency purposes.

The new universal travel pass will have a QR code and will make it easier for passengers to transfer between Metro, local trains, and monorail. The government of Maharashtra is working to implement a five-tier system that will require employees of emergency services and essential service providers to travel to their jobs. This new system is also useful for various businesses. Businesses can use the Universal Travel Pass to generate QR code-based travel passes for their staff. These passes will only be valid when authenticated by authorized personnel.

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