NFC running back Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints (41) runs during Pro Bowl NFL football practice, Saturday, February 5, 2022, in Las Vegas. (Steve Luciano/AP Images for NFL)

On Monday, the NFL Pro Bowl MVP and New Orleans Saints running back was charged with beating up a man. It’s unclear how long Kamara has been in jail, but he did turn himself in after a warrant was issued. The victim, who has not been identified, declined to speak to the media. However, a friend of the man told the news outlet that he is recovering from his injuries.

Police said that the two men had an altercation during which Kamara allegedly beat the man. The alleged victim, who did not identify himself, posted a photo of his injuries on Instagram. The picture shows that the man was injured seriously. Police believe Kamara punched the victim eight times. He also had several other people in his group stomp on Greene while he was on the ground.

The two-time All-Pro running back was arrested following the incident in a Las Vegas nightclub. Police filed a report claiming battery resulting in substantial bodily harm. After posting bail, Kamara was released from jail. However, the alleged victim was hospitalized after the altercation. The alleged attacker was on his way to the elevators when Kamara struck him. After reading his Miranda rights, the two men reportedly exchanged blows.

The video shows the two men punching the man several times, including several punches to the face. A man said the attackers were “rude” and ‘disrespectful’. Greene has been charged with assault and the two men are due in court on March 8. The NFL has yet to release a statement on the incident. The league will most likely wait until after Kamara’s hearing to make a statement.

Chris Lammons, another suspect in the Feb. 5 incident, was arrested for the attack. He was part of a group waiting outside an elevator. The victim told police that he had a hand on his chest and tried to get into the elevator with the group. Kamara then shoved Greene and a group of people pushed him back. Greene was also hit several times and may require surgery.

In addition to the arrest of the two men, the alleged victim was interviewed at a hospital on Saturday. During the interview, the alleged victim only remembered one of the two men. The alleged attacker had a description matching Kamara. The man’s description of the attackers was backed by security surveillance footage, which has not been made public yet. The alleged victim was able to escape the attack but was left unconscious by the assault.

During the interview, Kamara defended himself. Earlier, he had denied the alleged victim’s story of the assault. He was charged with battery resulting in serious bodily injury. The two men are being held in jail, and their fate is unknown. Kamara and Greene will both appear in court next month. And while he is still under investigation, it’s important to know that he will have to face justice if he’s found guilty.

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