The success of the site depends largely on the quality of the design. It is important to understand the main web design trends of 2022, because what was popular a few years ago is no longer relevant today. In order for the site to be effective, attract the attention of new customers and leave all competitors behind, it is necessary to follow all fashion trends. After all, nothing is permanent. It is not enough to create a good electronic resource, it is important to constantly develop and improve it. Let’s consider in more detail what you need to pay attention to in work, in which direction to move and what tools to use for this.

Web design is the art of combining creativity and technology. In recent years, it has undergone many changes. What are the current trends in this direction?

Dark color scheme

Previously, a white background was recognized as almost the only solution to ensure the availability of free space. However, in recent years, various well-known companies, such as Apple or Hublot, have begun to add dark tones to their portfolio, thanks to which the site looks stylish and elegant at the same time.

In addition, studies have found that such website design trends contribute to a more economical consumption of device charge and are better perceived by the human eye, since dark colors create less strain on the eyes.

Minimalism and simplicity

Minimalism is becoming more and more popular in all spheres of life. Its main essence is to get rid of everything superfluous, focusing the visitor’s attention exclusively on the most important. All elements placed on the site must perform their function. If this does not happen, you can safely delete them.

There must be free space between the parts, and the interface must be made simple and convenient for the everyday user. Design and its trends in UX/UI allow you to focus on the content, and not the form of its presentation. Therefore, publications should be useful and interesting.

Full-screen video

Many new sites use full-screen videos to increase visitor engagement. In addition, it is convenient, since you do not need to scroll down the page to find the necessary information. At the same time, interactivity can act as a separate element or become a stylish addition to the created UI design , which is used as a screen saver.

Cinemagraphs and gif images

Cinemagraphs are images with partial animation. Such static illustrations have just begun to gain popularity, while gifs have been used in design for a long time and still do not give up their positions.

It is not for nothing that they say that movement is life. When developing sites, this rule also works and attracts with its originality.

3D images and geometry

Undisputed trends in sacramento web design in 2022 are the use of three-dimensional technologies. You can also often find different geometric shapes. The commercials use a combination of three-dimensional shapes and floating objects, which together create an amazing futuristic effect.

Shadows and gradients

More lightness is now added to the usual shadows and gradients. All this can be mixed with pastel colors and 3d icons. In fact, minimalism is obtained, but it is more voluminous than its classic version.

Crazy shapes and bright colors

A bright palette is undoubtedly one of the modern website design trends of 2022. It will help you express your individuality, stand out among competitors, and make flat designs look much more expensive.

Collages and mixed media

A collage is a combination of photos, graphics, moving illustrations, and text images. Animated collages, decorative fonts, and artistic textures are in fashion today. It’s the perfect way to get creative and make your brand stand out.

Translucent buttons

Translucent buttons look good and do not overload the site. They perfectly perform their functions, but at the same time they do not cover the screen, visually increasing it.

Organic design

Modern web design trends of 2022 are full of calls to protect nature and the world around us. Such a graphic design increases attention to the problems of ecology and environmental protection. This is expressed in the use of warm earthy colors, natural forms and raw organic textures.

Is your website trending?

Hardly anyone would argue that a visual look at the site can tell a lot about the resource, arouse interest or, on the contrary, discourage the desire to visit it. After reviewing data from various sources, you will see that there are many options and ways to express your individuality. The main thing is to make the right choice. The WebTune web studio is ready to help you with this, taking into account the specifics of your work, the wishes of the client and, of course, the main trends in web design in 2022.

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