If you own a diesel generator, you have to keep it regularly maintained. You need to be aware of its various parts and how they function. This will help you in maintaining your generator at all times. The following are some of the tips that you can use to keep your diesel generator running smoothly:

One very important step that you should take is to check the oil level in your generator. If it is not properly filled, it can lead to serious problems such as overheating and engine damage. Therefore, before starting up your generator, make sure that it has enough oil in its system. Otherwise, there might be some problems with your machine as well as with your health if used without sufficient oil in its system.

The air filter is another important part of a diesel generator because it filters out dust and dirt particles from the air inside the engine room. It also helps prevent dirt entering into the engine room which may cause severe damage over time. Therefore, when checking the air filter on your diesel generator make sure that it is clean so as to avoid any kind of problems with this important part of your machine.

Always use approved fuel filters when using your diesel generator. These filters should be replaced regularly to ensure that they are working properly and allowing you to get maximum power from your generator system while keeping contaminants out of your fuel supply.

Never run your diesel generator if it is not working properly or has some other problem. This could lead to serious damage or even an explosion in your home or business premises.

Inspect the fuel lines for leaks and damage. Leaks can cause fuel to seep into the crankcase and damage it, causing poor performance or an engine fire when hot weather hits.

Check for proper engine maintenance such as spark plug replacement on a regular basis along with changing the air filter regularly to prevent harmful particles from entering your engine compartment.

Check that all filters are in place, clean and properly installed before starting each engine up so as not to damage any components while operating them improperly or when they are dirty from previous use or lack of regular maintenance.

Belts are also important in keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently. They should be replaced every five years or more depending on how often they get used (more often if you run at higher RPMs).

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