First of all, constructing a country house should begin with determining one’s budget, requirements and assessment of available resources. Undoubtedly, a plot of land will be needed for the location of the structure. If you don’t have one at your disposal, you should decide on a purchase.

The choice should be based on one’s preferences, taking into account the structure of the soil, which will determine the further purpose of the site, the location near water bodies, plantations or memorable places for the owner. Special attention is paid to the availability of the infrastructure – there should be a medical center, a shop, a highway and other resources at a short distance from the future country house. The availability of communications (gas pipeline, electricity, heating line) is important, which allows you to make your country house more comfortable for living. All the specified parameters will determine the price of the plot.

The builder of his own country house needs to familiarize himself with some legislative nuances. The fact is that when buying a plot of land, the buyer becomes the owner of the territory with clearly defined and prescribed boundaries. The property also includes the top layer of soil. That is why all work on drilling and conducting wells, deep water pipelines must be coordinated and documented. The construction of buildings, buildings, structures, even extensions or superstructures requires coordination with local authorities, and sometimes with neighbors. Legal documents regulating the purchase/sale of a plot of land, which confirms its ownership, in particular the cadastral passport of a plot of land, must be thoroughly checked.

In advance, happy owners of a plot of land who plan to build a country house should decide on a design and a common idea for construction. Discuss the main points and consider the question of calling specialists on several issues. For example, drilling a well, removing trees, stumps should be entrusted to the hands of kitchen remodeling contractors. It is also worth deciding which points in the construction of buildings should be entrusted to contractors.

Development of a project or approval of a typical one will save the owners time and money. The project can be both an independent creation and a ready-made document. If you have the funds and the desire, you can entrust the development of the design and location of the future house to architects. After developing the project, you should obtain a permit for the construction of an individual residential building by contacting the local administration. New construction may require the demolition of old or unnecessary buildings. Such actions also cannot be carried out independently and require the permission of BTI. Sometimes it is necessary to disconnect buildings from communications.

The preparatory stage for the construction of a residential building is the installation of a septic tank and a fence. Before the initial pouring of the foundation, the construction site is prepared – driveways, a place for garbage and storage of materials. Next comes the pouring of the foundation. Its choice depends on the quality and properties of the soil. After the foundation, the plinth is erected, and the construction of the walls begins. The construction of the frame of the house is completed with roofing works. Each stage of construction has individual characteristics and phasing. It is recommended to strictly follow the developed project, as making changes during the work may result in non-adherence.

The final stages include the installation of windows and room insulation, placement of entrance and interior doors, as well as engineering communications. The most important condition for a country house is paving and a water drainage system. It is necessary to carry out finishing works both outside and inside the premises. When choosing materials for decoration, it is worth considering that a country house is a special building and in conditions of open resistance to weather conditions, specific finishing materials may be needed. So, for example, it is necessary to choose moisture-resistant wallpapers, the glue for them is denser. Paint materials must correspond to the surfaces on which they are applied, and be able to withstand high loads without cracks, chips and other damage.

The main stages of construction, described in an abbreviated version, undoubtedly require careful study and rethinking. If all parameters and basic construction tips are followed, the owners of the house will not experience great difficulties and will be able to build a high-quality and durable structure.

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