Casino FB88 With a variety of new and popular games, bringing a quality and prestigious playground. The playing halls have created opportunities for people to freely explore and show their abilities and personal bravery. Let’s learn about the interesting things that the casino game category at the house fb88 has to offer to the market.

Overview of FB88 casino

Brief introduction of FB88 casino

Online casinos are gradually overtaking traditional casinos and are an ideal game product at many betting websites. Players flock to reputable websites to fully enjoy attractive casino games. One of the places not to be missed when it comes to this game category is FB88 – the leading quality bookmaker in Asia.

casino fb88 make a good impression on players by the attentive, attentive service attitude, always knowing how to listen and change to become the most complete version. Actively innovate in each product, improve the game system in casino halls so that everyone can have the most perfect experience. The house always knows how to limit unnecessary sequences so that players can optimize operations when using the service here.

Products available at casino FB88 are Poker, Tai faint, Dragon Tiger, Xoc Disc, … To improve the quality of each game, the house has set up strict censorship and design stages. Along with that, the brand also cooperates with many game creators and developers to create the best playing space for members.

Betting products at FB88 casino

Casino FB88 Discover a Variety of Extremely Hot Betting Products 20231

Attractive games at the casino halls of the house FB88

The prominent game products with high traffic in the casino lobby at the house include:

Dragon Tiger

Is a game originating from Cambodia, created by the coastal people and became popular in the last years of the twentieth century. The 2 main bets in this game are Dragon and Tiger, plus there are side bets with attractive odds. Players need to predict the card of the higher Dragon or Tiger side and make a choice. This is a casino game with a high degree of hotness at the house and is enjoyed by a large number of players and participates in betting.

Disc shock

Xoc disc is a familiar game that has been present since the early days of the category’s development casino FB88. Originated in the North of Vietnam and operated with common tools including 1 bowl, 1 plate and 4 military thrones. Players will bet on the boxes displayed on the table including: even, odd, tie, 4 white, … Each box will correspond to a certain odds set by the house. fabricate.

Most people will choose even or odd doors to bet on because these two doors have the highest odds of winning. To win at the FB88 poker game, players can use popular methods of looking at the bridge such as based on match history, folding, …

Money and fainting at casino FB88

Casino FB88 Discover a Variety of Extremely Hot Betting Products 20232

Discover the game of poker at casino FB88

The game uses 3 dice with 6 faces numbered from 1 to 6 to decide the outcome of the game. If the total score of 3 tiles is 4 – 10, then it’s Under, and 11 – 17 is Tai. In addition, players can also choose to add many other side bets with different winning rates. The payout will range from 1: 1 to 1: 180.


As a game in the casino lobby, the FB88 house is highly appreciated by the participating members because of the interesting and simple way to play. The outcome of the game will be determined by the position where the small ball stops on the wheel. Players begin to bet on the numbers appearing on the roulette table and wait for the results to be announced from the dealer.

Offers at casino FB88

Casino FB88 Discover a Variety of Extremely Hot Betting Products 20233

Attractive offers from FB88 casino

When participating in betting at the house casino lobby, players will receive a series of attractive incentives as follows:

  • Cashback up to 1% daily at all casino lounges at FB88. The members’ rebate levels are distributed as follows: 1% rate for return saint, 0.9% for legendary return, return master will receive rate of 0.8%, professional refund pay is 0.7% and 0.6% for amateur refund.
  • Rewards up to 2 million VND for new members when registering game account casino FB88 success. Players will receive the bonus code after 24 business hours, if not see the message, please contact support to get it resolved.
  • Make the first money transfer and get 38% of the top-up card value. Members need to conduct the prescribed number of betting rounds to be able to withdraw bets to their account.
  • Deposit 3rd time get bonus up to 30% deep, calculated for members who have not received bonus in 2 previous trades.


With an introduction to casino FB88 and typical betting products here, hopefully, you can have a better picture of the outstanding features of this playground. Quickly register an account to become an official member at the house and receive many unexpected gifts waiting for you.

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