On Sunday’s Bigg Boss 13, Salman Khan greets the audience and talks about the connections supporting the housemates. He introduces Hina Khan, who entered the show to promote her upcoming film Hacked. Hina Khan gives the connections a responsibility to name the housemates. Shehnaaz and Sidharth get the names of Badshah and Begum. However, this discussion turns ugly and the housemates are split into two teams.

Vishal and Vikas fight over household duties and the eviction task. Sidharth Shukla and Himanshi argue over a girl named Madhurima. Meanwhile, the Bigg Boss reprimands everyone for cancelling the task. He asks Shahbaz and Vikas to go to the confession room and gives them the power to save someone. The contestants are shocked to hear this news and Kashmera gets emotional. Sidharth S gets nominated for two weeks for physical violence.

Asim Riaz and Rashami Desai fight during the captaincy task. Arti also disagrees. Shehnaaz argues with Shehbaz. Meanwhile, Vikas gets angry with Aarti. He also threatens to make Mahira and Paras win the captaincy task. The house is now divided and Himanshi faints. It is time for the next round.

On the dock post, Salman calls Himanshi. He accuses her of leaking certain details outside. Shehnaaz says that she has been talking to several people about Arhaan outside the show. Himanshi admits that she knew about it but didn’t want to say anything about it to Salman. Then, she reveals the same to Vishal and Asim. This is a crucial time for Himanshi and Asim.

The cast of Malang visits the house to promote the movie. Disha Patani and Aditya Roy Kapur come to the house and sing a popular song. The Malang team also tells the contestants to smash dummy skulls. This makes Arti angry and lashes out at Vikas and Sidharth. Ultimately, both are eliminated from the show. There are several other surprises on this episode of Bigg Boss 13.

In the next round, Sidharth is paired against Vikas and Asim. Both men are in a fight and one of them is blaming the other. After this episode, Vishal has a meltdown. Asim tries to calm him down but the other two are in panic mode. After all, Asim wants to make Vishal win. And Asim and Shahbaz agree.

On the next episode of Bigg Boss, the girls were paired off and they were split into pairs. In the first task, Rashami and Mahira were paired with Asim and Devo. They fought it out, but both women did well. However, Vikas decided to pick Mahira. The other two girls were left in the lurch. They are now divided.

Mahia, who was tagged as Ghulam, was a surprise guest in the show. Shehnaaz’s brother Shehbaz wowed the audience with a charming performance. The two became friends in the Bigg Boss house and even managed to get into a banter after the task. If you’ve watched the show, you’ll know that it’s not all roses.

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