Struggling to get your home ready for Autumn? Don’t worry, us too! The colder weather has come around incredibly quickly this year, but this means it’s time for cosier evenings and more time spent at home. It’s also time to have an autumn refresh on your decor, whether that’s a complete restyle or just freshening up what you already have. Autumn decor includes using warmer, darker colours that will make the space feel inviting and adjusting lighting so you can relax in the evenings with a cosy ambience. Dressing your walls for autumn is also important, using different coloured A3, A4 and A5 frames will create a nice variety and make a unique look for you.

Frame Material

The first thing that comes to mind when mixing and matching styles is colour, however using different mediums and materials often creates a unique look but with no risk of clashing. In autumn there’s a lot of change in nature, and by using wooden frames you’ll bring the outdoors inside without the cold weather! Autumn differs from spring and summer as it’s centred around rustic and inviting home decor rather than light and airy. Rustic interior design emphasises the natural, rugged beauty of your home. Wooden frames are the perfect way to style your walls for winter, especially when using a darker variety of wood.

Frame Colour

The colours of autumn home decor are inspired by what you can see outside! Think reds, browns and oranges representing the colours of the beautiful leaves falling this season. However, if you’re looking to make your transitions into other seasons flawless, you could also use a slightly darker tone colour palette. Darker greens, greys and navy are perfect. You could also mix some neutral-coloured frames in, these can stay the same all year round and act as a base for you to match your selection of seasonal frames with this. Life is busy, and in order to enjoy decorating your home, it’s important not to overcomplicate it!

Frame Size & Positioning

If you’re looking to give your walls depth, using multiple-sized frames is a great option! Mixing and matching A3, A4 and even A5 frames can create a unique gallery wall to showcase your pictures. The rustic style that’s favoured by so many in autumn is not meant to look too perfect and polished. Having a range of frame sizes can look contemporary and relaxed, which is exactly what you need when you’re wrapped in a blanket watching a film.

Frame positioning can also help with this. Hanging a selection of mismatched, asymmetrically hung frames creates an eclectic and cool look, great for autumn. This being said, if you’ve got multiple walls or living spaces to decorate, matching up your frame positioning to the vibe of the room can be a fun option. For example, if you like your hallway to look more cohesive and organised then having your frames symmetrically organised could be for you.

Decorating your home for autumn is exciting! Transitioning into a new season always brings that fresh start feeling. We love switching up our interior design for the colder seasons to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Whilst we’ve come up with some tips to mix and match frame styles and colours, it’s important to go with whatever suits your personal taste. After all, you’ll be the one spending cosy winter nights in your newly decorated space.


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