Motorcycle crashes are a serious problem and one that is compounded by the many factors at play, including speed, distraction, visibility, and experience. Advanced technology can help mitigate these risks by improving motorcycle rider visibility and controlling the situation with intelligent systems such as riding aids such as lane-keeping alert devices. This list of motorbike technologies will help to keep riders safer on their journeys.

1. Lane Keeping Aid

Advanced technology is already being used to help motorcyclists stay in their lane and keep them from getting distracted. Lane-keeping systems Denver motorcycle accident attorneys know that they provide a visual and vibrational reminder if the bike strays from its lane, which can help to reduce accidents. There is an accomplishment by cameras mounted on the mirror or handlebars that watch for lane markings in most cases. When the bike gets too close, vibrations alert the rider through his handlebars or seat that correction is needed.

2. Head Checks

Head checks are important for motorcyclists to make sure no one is about to pull out in front of them. They also need to make sure that they aren’t about to hit someone from the side. However, it is difficult for a rider to constantly check all directions, which can be dangerous if not done properly.

Head checks are a great feature available on many motorcycles. Rather, placing a mirror in the corner of the helmet, these systems use a head-mounted display or HUD showing where the bike is from. A system that uses a HUD will allow the motorcyclist to check 360 degrees of their surroundings, which would have been impossible for one rider to do.

3. Vehicle Collision Detection

Another important technology for motorbike safety is vehicle collision detection systems. These systems can help the motorcyclist detect cars around them and even predict collisions.

Studies have shown that these systems can prevent up to 70% of rear-end collisions. This technology is still developing, providing as much information as possible without overwhelming the rider with too much data.

4. Lane Departure Warning System

A lane leaving warning system will let you know when you start drifting, allowing you to correct in time. When it’s detected, the motorbike will give two different warnings. A low-speed warning will come on when you’re slowing down to a speed that could lead to a collision, and a high-speed warning will flash when you reach a higher speed at which another vehicle could not stop in time.

These warnings are audible so that the rider can react quickly and regain control of his bike. This feature is useful in many situations where the rider may be too slow to react without it.

5. Seat Belt Reminders

Seat Belt reminders are another important feature to help keep riders safe. When the bike is in motion, drivers should always wear seat belts. Sometimes, however, this can lead to distraction if the person isn’t concentrating on driving and buckles up during an emergency. A seat belt reminder system would flash to alert you and remind you to buckle up in case of an accident, which could save a life.

6. Auto Braking

Another helpful feature for drivers, auto-braking systems can keep you from crashing if the bike gets too close to other vehicles. This feature can help reduce the risk of accidents, which is especially important if a rider is distracted.


This list of motorcycle technology is not all-inclusive and only scratches the surface of technological advancements in the field. These systems prove that it is safe and useful to increase road safety further, but what developed today may change the way people travel forever.

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