Digital transformation is fundamental for any business looking to keep a competitive edge in their sector or marketplace. As most tech experts agree now, cloud computing is an essential solution for the modern, digitally-enabled business. The cloud doesn’t just unlock significant new opportunities; it delivers great return on investment, and empowers organizations to work more efficiently and productively. We discussed this with TechQuarters, a cloud solutions provider and one of the top IT support companies London businesses work with. Many of the services that TechQuarters specialise in are built around cloud computing, and they have been advocating the technology for more than 12 years.

Here are the main advantages of Cloud Computing, and why businesses should consider adopting it in 2022…

1. Unlock New Opportunities

With the cloud, you can profit from Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, AR and VR, and many other new and emerging technologies. According to TechQuarters, there is a consistently growing array of cloud-based applications, and cloud-based development platforms that streamline the process of building web-native solutions. These resources can empower businesses to achieve new goals and increase the scope of their operations. The cloud is the only choice for forward-thinking businesses.

2. Unified Services

There are all kinds of cloud services available for use by businesses. The main cloud services can be divided into 3 main categories: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which offers businesses cloud-based infrastructure – including servers and storage hosted over the internet. This saves businesses the need to purchase your own equipment.

The next main service is Platform as a Service (PaaS). Here, businesses are given a cloud-based DevOps environment, which includes hardware, networking, storage and programming. With PaaS, organizations deal with the products and service they are creating, while the service provider cares for the rest.

The third significant type of service is Software as a Service (SaaS). Here, businesses pay to access cloud-based applications – for example, Microsoft 365 – on the web. With SaaS, the service provider deals with hardware and applications, guaranteeing accessibility and security for your data.

3.  A Flexible Technology

Businesses need more adaptable arrangements with regards to their IT assets. A business’ needs tend to fluctuate in the long run, which is why using a scalable solution like the cloud can save businesses a lot of money. With the cloud, your usage can be scaled up, or scaled down, as is necessary.

Cloud computing provides access to resources far beyond that which any individual business can keep onsite. Likewise, these scalable assets are accessed on a PAYG basis. Pay for it when you use it, downsize when you don’t, and rest assured that extra resources can be deployed as soon as you need them.

4. Transform the Workplace

Cloud computing empowers your organization to work more intelligently. Establishing a flexible, distributed workforce using the cloud can add incredible value to an organisation. With the cloud, data remains in-sync across all platforms, across all time zones, and the fact that it is hosted centrally, means that data can never be misplaced. What is more, strict access controls can be placed on data, to ensure your systems remain secure.

Another unmistakable benefit is that cloud-based frameworks empower staff to work anywhere, anytime, permitting them to adapt their working circumstances to their needs, and the needs of the organisation.

5. Balance the Scales

Cloud computing eliminates a significant number of the IT inconveniences that smaller businesses have when contrasted with their larger rivals. Indeed, even large organizations that run their own datacentres are moving to the cloud since it offers the innovation and administrations they need, whilst saving them money. For smaller organizations, cloud computing balances the scales in terms of competing in their sector, allowing them to exercise their own advantages more effectively.


These are just a few of the reasons why cloud computing is an ideal solution for businesses in 2022. TechQuarters, who have been providing IT support Guildford and London based companies have relied on for years, claim that all businesses will eventually be using cloud computing, but the sooner an organisation migrates to the cloud, the sooner they can reap the benefits, and enjoy the advantage.

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