The undefeated lot calculation offers a chance to win big and the potential to multiply capital into a larger amount. However, not all bettors know the effective methods of calculating lots. In this article, let us guide you through the lottery formulas to have beautiful numbers to participate in entertainment at 789BET – the leading betting platform in Vietnam.

1.Summing up 05 ways to calculate the invincible lot for beginners

Players at 789BETs can immediately take advantage of the methods suggested below to play the lottery responsibly, civilly and create their own enrichment opportunities.

1.1 How to calculate the forward and backward lot

This search method focuses on observing the results of the prize opening in previous periods. The execution rule applied is to find the missing numbers in a sequence of exploding lots. Because, experts say, it is a sign that the batch will arrive the next day.

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For example, the second lot exploded 23 – 24 – 26 – 27. When you look at the last 4 numbers, you will see that they are all consecutive, only 1 unit apart, only 24 and 27 are close but have a distance. 2 units away. From here it can be deduced that the most potential lot for the 3rd day is 25.

1.2 Searching the North from the falling lot

Before applying this lot calculation, you need to understand the concept of falling lots. It is defined as the numbers that came in the previous draw and are immediately available the next day.

According to quick statistics from lottery masters, the potential pair of numbers obtained from the falling lot even works until the next 3 periods with the probability of winning up to 80%. To take advantage of the possibility of winning an extremely “terrible” bargain, the player should build a long-term frame farming plan, at least 3 days. The suggested way to enter money is 1 – 2 – 4.

For example: If 05 and 11 used to be dropped lots, you should boldly bet it for 3 days. The first day put 100K, the second day put 200K and 400K for the last day. Even if you don’t win in the first two days, you will still get all your capital back if you win in the last period.

Tips for watching lottery fall

1.3 How to calculate lots from the Northern plot strategy

On the Northern Lottery statistics table, there is not only information about many explosive numbers, but also records of those that rarely appear for a long time. That is the definition of lotto – one of the potential betting options for players who still don’t know how to play.

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Professional players often choose the numbers from period 11 to period 14 to bet on slippage parlay bets. This method is simple but gives an extremely high winning rate.

1.4 Check out the two players by pairing the bridge

This method of calculating batches is widely used and is considered reliable when it successfully generates pairs of numbers with a high probability of explosion. Players only need to combine the heads and tails of the Grand Prize (GDB) and the First prize (G1) together to form a duo. This lottery is the first choice to increase your chances of winning and getting rich soon.

For example: The result of the June 26th drawing day has the head and tail at G1 and the GDB is 2, 3, 5, 1. You can try your luck on the lots 25, 31, 21, 32,…

1.5 Checking for white blood cells thanks to three blinks

Three-click lot is a term for numbers that appear 3 times in the previous draw. This is a rare phenomenon, but if it does, it is a cosmic signal for you. Players simply place their bets on the same three-click number and hope to take advantage of the chance to win big.

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Unbeatable lottery strategy

2. What should be noted when applying the batch calculation method?

When applied properly, bingo screening can be a useful tool to increase your chances of getting rich. However, bettors need to remember that betting is a form of entertainment with risks so participation should be done in a conscious way with a plan with the following notes in mind.

The most important thing when using the suggested lot calculation is to manage your money wisely. You should define a separate source of funds for lotteries and adhere to the principle of not using too much money at one time.

Bettors need to have patience and sensitivity in the process of analyzing previous results. Tracking the numbers that have appeared and predicting trends will help players make smart decisions when betting on potential children.

The spirit of alertness and caution is the decisive factor. You need to know when to stop to avoid falling into the gambling trap.

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Lottery bets at 789BET need to be alert and wise

On the journey to conquer betting, the correct lot calculation plays an important role to determine the possibility of success. By applying the suggested lot calculation in the article, you will quickly have the opportunity and luck to bet at 789BETs. Besides, do not forget to maintain perseverance and make effective use of the offers available at the Lottery – Lottery lobby of the house 789BET.

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