If you are thinking of filing a personal injury claim, knowing a few things about them is a good idea. Personal injury claims are a particular branch of legal science that deals with cases where a person faces injuries without fault of his own. Here are 6 compelling facts to know about such claims.

  1. There is a Time Limit

The Statute Of Limitations applies to all the personal injury cases. This means there is a certain time limit within which you have to file your claim. In most states of America, it is 2 years. If you don’t file your personal injury claim within that time frame, it can be invalid. While 2 years can seem like a pretty long time, the truth is that people can take a lot of time to recover from injuries.

That is why it is important to get in touch with a law firm such as Sattiraju & Tharney to make sure that your claim is filed on time. In fact, the claim should be filed as soon as possible after the accident so that the lawyer can draw up a case promptly.

  1. You are Aiming for Too Little

That’s right. A compelling fact for victims in personal injury cases is that they think they are entitled to very little. As a victim, you may think that you don’t deserve anything more than a few thousand dollars as compensation. But that may not be correct.

You may be entitled to much more compensation than you know. That is why hiring a personal injury expert attorney can be a very good idea. Such a professional will be able to determine just how much compensation you can expect from your case. Getting an accurate estimate is necessary so that you get the highest compensation you deserve for your injuries.

  1. It is Likely You Won’t have to Go to Court

Many people are worried that they may have to go to court for settlement and that scares them. But it does not have to be so. In fact, most personal injury claims get settled out of court which means victims don’t have to go to court at all.

As long as you have a good personal injury claims lawyer by your side, you can be assured that they are going to do most of the work and let you recover from your injuries in peace.

  1. Mediation May be Required

Many times, the two parties have trouble agreeing or coming to a decision. This may require taking the path of mediation. This is where a third party is involved so that the mediation process can be done and a decision can be reached.

  1. Long Time

You may not have a decision and a settlement immediately. It may take months and maybe even years for a decision to be settled. So be prepared to go for the long haul, especially if the compensation you are expecting is big.

Remember these facts when you are fighting your own personal injury claim for clarity and purpose.

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