It is difficult to underestimate the value of books, because reading is the main factor of spiritual, intellectual and cultural development. A person who reads maintains clarity of mind until old age, has a good visual memory, a rich inner world and a broad outlook. But it is not necessary to read everything in a row, it is important to select positive and high-quality literature. knows 10 reasons why books change our lives and make us better.

1. Expand vocabulary

Books are the main source from which we take words and expressions, so the language of a reading person is much richer and more diverse. It is much more pleasant to listen to an expressive story with a large set of colorful phrases than a limited language with parasite words. Changing reading of modern books and literature of different eras will have a particularly useful effect on the vocabulary.

2. They make the language beautiful

A reading person has more advantages in the matter of eloquence and public speaking, as he feels more confident and is able to demonstrate high erudition. Reading aloud makes the speech structured, enriches it with intonations, trains the voice and makes it pleasant for hearing. This allows you to win the attention of the audience and shine during a social conversation.

3. Develop imagination

It is a mistake to think that imagination is needed only by people of creative professions. Creativity is a necessary skill that allows you to generate new ideas, which can then be implemented in the profession or in everyday life. People with a developed imagination solve problems faster, assess reality more adequately and orientate themselves in different situations faster.

4. They help to avoid problems

Books are called the best medicine for depression, because they allow you to plunge into another world and escape from stress. Feeling mental pain or anxiety, it is enough to read a dozen or two pages before you notice that you have gotten rid of obsessive thoughts. Such an “escape” from obsessive ideas allows you to critically look at the situation after “returning”, and the problem may not seem so catastrophic. In addition, books can suggest solutions, and characters can become examples for actions.

5. Get rid of insomnia

Systematic reading before going to bed can develop a habit in the body. Each time starting to read, the body will know about the rapid onset of the sleep phase and will prepare for it, which will contribute not only to a good sleep, but also to a cheerful and easy awakening in the morning. Another reason for evening reading for children and adults is the fact that a book replaces a gadget, tablet or TV, which viewing before falling asleep disturbs the quality of sleep.

6. They help to make acquaintances

Like any hobby, video books bring like-minded people together. When you find yourself alone with a stranger, you can start by discussing books, and if it turns out that your preferences coincide, be sure that you will always have a reason for an exciting conversation. Well, if you read a book that changed your consciousness, you immediately want to share your experience and find support in the words of the interlocutor.

7. Increase the ability to study

While we leisurely relax by reading a book, our brain is at full speed, downloading and processing information. It trains the memory, forces thinking to work actively, and the reader to think critically. Concentration also improves, which becomes a habit and, if necessary, is activated in other areas of life. A reading child is open to new interesting information, easily learns and easily remembers the main things.

8. Take time with benefit

Reading is also just a way to pass the time. There are times when on the day off you want to stay at home more than go to a loud party, and instead of loud music and dancing, spend time in peace. And then a book comes to the rescue, which, together with a cup of tea and a warm blanket, can become part of a home ritual. Who knows, maybe the events depicted in the imagination will turn out to be cooler than a blockbuster movie.

9. They teach to defend their opinion

A person who spends a lot of time reading books gets a lot of information, which makes him a comprehensively developed personality. By memorizing individual facts, writing down quotations and author’s remarks, you can demonstrate your knowledge during an argument with an opponent. Statements from books presented as evidence can easily put the interlocutor in a dead end, which will allow you to earn the reputation of a respected opponent and find more self-confidence.

10. Prolong youth

More recently, a Yale University experiment proved that reading prolongs life and postpones old age. This is due to the active work of the brain, which allows the body to remain young as long as possible, maintaining tone, mental abilities and healthy memory. It is interesting that these useful properties do not belong to reading newspapers, magazines, advertising and social networks. Reading books is a complex neurological process, during which different parts of the brain are involved.

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