I want withdraw money HI88 About to enjoy after winning consecutively from multiple games? Then do not ignore this article with complete and detailed payment instructions from A-Z. Follow us to quickly withdraw winnings after a series of non-stop fun at Nhà cái Hi88 Please!

Instructions for 2 ways to withdraw money HI88 The most detailed for newbies

Besides building a simple recharge channel, HI88 also provides a multi-port withdrawal system for players. Gamers can freely choose the most suitable and convenient trading method for them.

Instructions for the 2 most detailed HI88 withdrawal methods for newbies

Regardless of using any payment channel, it ensures safety, speed and convenience. Here are detailed instructions on the 2 popular withdrawal methods on HI88, players please refer to follow. Specifically:

Withdraw money HI88 about the bank

To withdraw winnings from the game wallet on the system to a personal bank account, players follow the steps as follows:


Withdraw HI88 money to the bank

Step 1: Add a bank

The first step, you go to the official website of the bookieHI88 Then log in to your betting account. Then at the homepage interface, members go to “Account” > Select “Bank” > Select “Add a bank”. At this point, the screen will appear a form with the following information:

  • Account holder name: Enter the exact name of the beneficiary account holder and capitalize without accents. Note, this entry must be entered correctly with the full name registered with the bookie to avoid risks.
  • Select a bank: Select the bank you are using and want withdraw money HI88 about.
  • Branch: Enter the bank branch to open the account, this is mandatory so players need to remember where the account is opened.
  • Account number: Enter the bank account number you want to withdraw money to.

Carefully check whether the information related to the bank account entered above is correct. If correct, click “OK” to complete the step of adding beneficiary accounts.

Step 2: Withdraw money

You return to the home page of the house and select “Withdraw”. The interface will display the form withdraw money HI88 and players enter the amount they want to withdraw to their bank account. Note, only enter the amount corresponding to the number of points converted by the house’s regulations. The rate is 1 point = 1,000 VND, so members need to actively remove 3 zeros at the end.

Step 3: Confirm

Finally, the player chooses to “Withdraw” to confirm the order withdraw money HI88. At this point, you will see the request is established on the system and in the “Processing” status.

Depending on the time, the system’s review time may be fast or slow. However, the maximum waiting time is only about 15 minutes after creating the order, you will receive the money.

Withdraw money via scratch card

Form withdraw money HI88 This brings high convenience, so it is also chosen by many gamers. To trade with this channel, players follow the instructions, including the following steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to the official account atHI88 and at the main homepage interface, select “Withdraw” > Select “Scratch card”
  • Step 2: When the form withdraw money HI88 appears on the screen, the player fills in the required information as follows:
    • Home network
    • Denominations
    • Number of cards
  • Step 3: After entering, you select “Withdraw” to complete the process withdraw money HI88 and wait for the system to process. Note, make sure to select the correct carrier that can be used. Because after confirmation,HI88 will not be responsible for problems or damages related to choosing the wrong carrier.

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What should players pay attention to when making a withdrawal?HI88?

Although the instructions for withdrawing money with the above 2 methods are considered simple and easy to implement. However, players also need to note a few more important things during manipulation. This is the factor that helps all transactions go smoothly and avoid problems. As follows:


What should players pay attention to when making HI88 withdrawals?

  • When entering the amount to withdraw to the account, the member needs to remove 3 numbers. For example: To withdraw 2,000,000 VND, the member only needs to enter 2000.
  • The withdrawal amount must be from 200,000 VND or more and up to 100,000,000 VND according to the regulations of the house. Make sure your account balance is more than 200,000 VND, otherwise the request will not be accepted.
  • Ordinary level players are allowed withdraw money HI88 up to 5 free times per day. From the 6th transaction onwards, the player will be charged a fee and the fee is 5% of the total withdrawal amount.
  • For VIP members atHI88 will be withdrawn more times with a higher limit.
  • The bank account information must match the information registered at the bookie.HI88 do not accept transactions through 3rd parties.

The above article is a guide for 2 ways withdraw money HI88 The most detailed for new players. If you have any difficulties or questions during the transaction, please contact our 24/7 customer service call center HI88 for support as soon as possible.

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