vn138 – The vast ocean space with thousands of sea creatures is waiting for bettors to conquer and win. The more fish you hunt, the larger the fish size, the higher the chance of getting a valuable bonus. Deciphering the attraction of the game shooting fish and the secret to playing shooting fish always win from the master will be revealed right in the article below.

1.Introduction to the game shooting fish VN138

First, we will come to the general introduction of the game shooting fish VN138. Despite being a new name in the betting market, the bookie has quickly affirmed its position with quality games, providing a great experience for bettors.

About VN138 fish shooting game

The game shooting fish is invested in designing a very cool graphical interface, creating a vivid ocean world. Here, there are thousands of sea creatures waiting for players to join the battle and win brilliantly. Destroy as many sharks, goldfish … the greater the amount of money collected.

Applying modern technology, shooting fish VN138 helps players to unleash their passion for shooting fish with only a smartphone with an internet connection. Coming to the game, players participate in choosing between many forms of shooting fish and many attractive odds.

2.Why do many players choose to shoot fish VN138?

The online betting game market is growing with the presence of a lot of bonus games. The reason why shooting fish VN138 is so attractive and is the choice of so many bettors. The outstanding advantages that this game brings will be revealed right below:

2.1 Vivid, sharp graphics

One of the most outstanding impressions when registering an account and participating in the VN138 shooting experience that players can feel is the vivid and eye-catching graphic design. You will have moments of real entertainment in the fish hunt in the vast ocean world.

Shoot Fish VN138 Conquer the Ocean Be Dominator of the Sea1

Vivid, sharp graphics

Besides a score of 10 for picture quality, the sound system also deserves a lot of praise. Realistic sound, adding real emotions and creating stimulation for players. Shooting fish VN138 is considered an interesting experience and is loved by many bettors.

Xem : bắn cá vn138

2.2 Constantly updating great deals

In order to raise the morale of the bettors, the bookie regularly launches huge promotions. VN138 is a ripe green reward playing field with strong economic potential, in addition to quick payouts, it also regularly entertains players with attractive promotions.

Participating in shooting fish, longtime members will be applied super VIP policies and given gold and diamonds. Newbies at the first time to top up the card immediately apply the 100% promotional code with a large limit. Throughout the betting process, the bookie supports refunds with attractive percentages.

3.Revealing the experience of shooting fish VN138 – ocean hegemony

Become the hegemon of the ocean, conquer the large fish with the secrets and experience of hunting fish shared from the super masters:

Shoot Fish VN138 Conquer the Ocean Be Dominator of the Sea2

The secret to shooting fish – mastering the ocean

3.1 Choosing the right ammunition

You need to choose the right ammunition to get ready for your sea hunting journey. Each type of creature in the sea will need to have a different size, the way to move is also quite typical, to destroy, we need compatible ammunition. Identify the target to kill and choose the right ammo and go hunting.

3.2 Shoot the fish as soon as it appears

The secret for bettors when playing shooting fish VN138 is to discharge bullets straight into the fish’s head as soon as the fish appears. Thus, the probability of killing prey in a bullet is very large. As a result, maximum ammo savings and enhanced performance are achieved. Release bullets as soon as the fish swim in, the right time to take down the target quickly.

Shoot Fish VN138 Conquer the Ocean Be Dominator of the Sea3

Release bullets as soon as fish appear

3.3 Apply a variety of tactics

When participating in shooting fish VN138, you need to flexibly apply many different tactics. Depending on the specific situation on the fishing table, we will choose the most suitable shooting method to destroy the prey and bring back a huge amount of bonus. Some tactics that bettors when shooting fish can refer to:

Kill fish in groups and shoot fish individually.

Shoot ice fish.

Shoot bullets.

Accumulate bullets to destroy big fish.

Keep shooting until the fish dies.


Above is the information about the shooting game VN138, which is currently loved and selected by many bettors. Hopefully the useful betting knowledge shared above will bring good tips for newbies. Register an account to become an official member of the house today, conquer the vast sea and become the hegemony of the ocean. Wishing you success!

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