Trang chủ Jun88 Up to now, lottery has always been an attractive form of betting loved by millions of bettors in Vietnam. For professional players, calculating lottery scores is nothing new, but for new players, this is a difficult problem. So how much does the lottery cost, how to calculate the online lottery, Jun88 will share everything soon.

Answer: How much does it cost?

Undeniably, lottery is a betting game that attracts a large number of players from ever to present. Participating in playing lottery, players not only enjoy the joy of making money and getting rich simply but also enjoy the joy of exciting entertainment.

For new players just starting to play lottery, understanding this betting game is very important. Especially indispensable is how to calculate how much bonus you can win. However, many bettors think that lottery and lottery are the same thing, so they think they have the same scoring method. In fact, this is a completely different bet, the lottery has a separate calculation unlike the lottery, so how much does it cost?

Normally, the popular winning ratio is 1 to 70, however there will still be places where the payout ratio is higher and there are also places where the payout ratio is lower. But in short, they will all follow the same problem calculation structure.

For example: You bet 10,000 VND on the lottery and if you are lucky enough to win, you will receive 700,000 VND. The win rate of 70 is a very large payout rate, so the topic has attracted a large number of bettors who are passionate about getting rich quickly.

How to calculate accurate online questions today

Maybe you don’t know, online questions and construction questions will have different calculation methods. So if you want to know how to calculate how much you can win when playing online, continue reading the following content:

How to calculate how much to win for Northern lottery

Betting on Northern lottery means depositing money to predict the last 2 numbers in the special prize in Northern lottery results. To make it easier to understand, you predict what the last 2 numbers will appear in today’s Northern special prize and bet on these 2 numbers.

The odds of winning the lottery prize as shared above can depend on the organizer and will usually fluctuate around 1 to 70. An example of a Northern lottery winning case is as follows:

  • You predict that 42 will be the last two numbers in the special prize and close the number 10,000 VND for this pair of numbers.
  • If abc42 returns the result, you will be rewarded with 700.00 VND. In which a, b, c are any 3 numbers, only the last two numbers must match to win the bet.
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How much does a 3-digit lottery number in online lottery number 1 win?

Playing 3-card lottery is a popular way of playing lottery in the North today. Although the challenge will be more difficult than playing traditional lottery, it does not prevent this form of play from attracting a large number of participants.

By predicting the last 3 numbers that will come out in the special prize, you have a chance to win extremely valuable prizes, up to 400 times the initial bet amount, detailed example:

  • You bet 10,000 VND on 3 numbers 652 that you predict will be in the special prize in the form of 3-card lottery.
  • The next day, if the correct answer is ab652, the big prize will be you, in which a and b are any two numbers from 0 to 9.
  • At this time, the bonus you will receive is 400 times the amount of 10,000 VND which is 4,000,000 VND.

It can be seen that with only a small 10 thousand, you can win a prize worth up to 4 million through playing the 3-digit lottery. So when you bet big, getting rich overnight is not just a rumor, it’s a reality that can happen.

How much does it cost to play 4-card 1 lottery?

Similar to playing 3-card lottery, participating in 4-card lottery also has the same properties, the only difference is that the reward rate will definitely be higher. Because you have to accurately predict the last 4 numbers in the special prize, a very difficult job.

In case you only need to bet 1,000 VND for a 4-card lottery and be lucky to win. At this time, the bonus value is up to 88,800,000 VND, which is 88 million and 8 hundred VND. Equivalent to a ratio of 1 to 8880, a huge ratio that is almost unmatched by any form of betting.


Above, Jun88 answered the question: how much does it cost? At the same time, we also shared how to calculate the online lottery for the North and the 3-card and 4-card lottery. However, the payout rate may be higher or lower depending on the organization you bet with.

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