Say goodbye to freshers week…

So, you’ve made it through freshers week! You may be thinking, now what? Aside from intellectually expanding your mind at lectures and seminars, it’s now time to find your favourite nights out aside from freshers events.

It’s important to have a balanced university life, and this includes going on nights out if that’s something you enjoy. Now is the time in your life to experiment and see what’s to your taste and what’s not. That being said, you absolutely do not need to go clubbing or on nights out if you don’t like them. There are many other ways of making friends at university and there’s no point in spending your spare time and money on something you don’t enjoy. If you are interested in going on nights out or to events at university, we’ve got a few tips on choosing the best events after freshers week.

Research Research Research

Although this may sound like an assignment from one of your new modules, the best way to find events at university is by via online research. Whether this is on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or looking on online booking platforms that sell tickets. Having a good look into the events and nightlife your new city offers will make sure you’re not missing out on anything. You can also look on blogs and UCAS websites that will give you lists of the best events to go to in your university city. Alongside this, you can do some traditional research using word of mouth and ask people on your course and in your accommodation where they’ll be going on their nights out.

Your Student Union

A lot of students dismiss their student union, but in actual fact, your union will have a designated space that acts as an event venue. A lot of up-and-coming live music acts and even fairly big names perform in student unions. From club nights to gigs, your student union could be the source of some of the best events you’ll attend in your time at university.

Join A Society

This follows on from our previous tip, your student union will also have a huge array of societies for you to choose from. Societies are a great way to make friends with like-minded people and hone a skill (or develop a new one). Most societies also offer nights out in order to bond, such as pub crawls or club nights. A good example would be joining a sports society. Sports societies normally have a dedicated night to hold events and aside from purely going out with people in your team, you’ll also be going out with the rest of the sports teams. Athletics union night (known as AU night) hold all sorts of events that involve themes or fancy dress. As well as sports societies, arts, drama and music societies will also have events of their own.

Try Something New   

University is the time to try new things, you’ve got a whole new city to explore and thousands of new people to interact with. Moving away from home can seem daunting and make you stick to what you know but broadening your horizons and trying different types of events for nights out could introduce you to something you never thought you would like.

Freshers events are a great way to get you started on nights out in your new university town. After freshers, though, is the time to find out what you really like and make friends that also enjoy the same thing! Doing your research will help you uncover a whole genre of events that you didn’t know existed and in turn, you’ll potentially make loads of new friends. The best advice to take in your first year of university is to try lots of new things and enjoy yourself! If going on nights out isn’t your thing, try society events or film nights, the main objective is to have fun.



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