BK8 link is the official website to enter the safest and fastest BK8 bookie in Vietnam. This is one of the brightest stars in the Asian betting village. Right now, let’s find out more about this “young” betting organization together!

1.Something to know about BK8

BK8 bookmaker has emerged in the Vietnamese market in recent years. Although established not long ago, this betting organization has soon affirmed its prestige and position in the betting field.

Speaking of legitimacy, BK registered 30, Ghar Id-Dud Street Sliema SLM 1572 in Malta, regulated and licensed by the Government of Curacao. In 2020, BK8 is honored to be rated as the rising bookie of the Asian entertainment industry by the famous betting forum asianbookie.

BK8 official link:

Something to know about BK8 link

1.1 Outstanding achievements of BK8

The current brand ambassador of BK8 is the famous Dutch player – Robin van Persie. Through this, it can be seen that BK8 wishes to conquer the Asian and European betting markets. Following are the remarkable achievements of BK8 in recent years:

BK8 was voted the best online casino in Asia in 2017.

BK8 became the official Electronic Advertising partner of the Spanish Football Federation in 2018/19.

BK8 is the main sponsor of Real Madrid and Barcelona FC, so you can easily see the house brand running on the Electronic Billboards in the matches these two teams participate in in La Liga.

In 2019, BK8 successfully invited former Chelsea and England club captain John Terry to become a brand ambassador. Through this international football icon, BK8 not only wants to promote the brand but also create opportunities for its members to approach and get closer to a legend like John Terry.

1.2 Is it safe to bet at BK8?

Although it is a late bookie, BK8 inherits all of the world’s leading security technology. Customer’s personal information is not only encrypted, but also through OTP authentication.

Besides, BK8 also has a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods for players. We also notify users of balance fluctuations continuously. All transactions are authenticated by the right person, only by the owner.

Screenshot 1 3

Is it safe to bet at BK8?

2.BK8 link and related issues

There are many players who have the notion that clicking on the BK8 link will enter the house and participate in betting. In fact, to enter the green nine requires bettors to memorize the following issues.

2.1 Do not access strange, suspicious links

The problem of forging house links is currently rampant. BK8 also fell into a similar situation. Therefore, we always issue a notice advising customers not to visit BK8 strange or suspicious links.

BK8 only has 1 official link and 3 backup links. You need to save everything to use when needed. If the official link is blocked, please go to one of the remaining 3 links.

2.2Link to BK8 is not enough, you need a member account

Linking to BK8 is just the beginning. You need to continue with account registration. Once you become a member, you can explore the massive and attractive game store at this house. The following is the entire process of registering for a member account at BK8.

Step 1: Link to the official or backup link of BK8 => Click on the above registration item in the right corner of the screen => The registration interface appears.

Step 2: You fill in the fields such as full name, phone number, email, account number, …..

Step 3: You confirm that you are at least 18 years old and have full capacity for civil acts.

Step 4: Enter the referral code in BK8. This code is provided by the BK8 dealer when clicking on the “code” section at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 5: Check for the last time that the information is complete and correct and send it.

Screenshot 2 2

Linking to BK8 is not enough, you need a member account

2.3 Depositing money into BK8 starts to turn green

BK8 link you already have, the account is also registered successfully, the next bet players need to do is deposit money. After any step is completed, you can show off your green talent.

Step 1: You use your member account to log in to BK8 => Select Deposit.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate method among 3 ways of banking, e-wallet and phone scratch card.

Step 3: Depending on what method you choose, follow the instructions.

Screenshot 3 2

Depositing money into BK8 starts to turn green

2.4Link to BK8 is blocked, what to do?

BK8 blocked links still have backup links. In case, the backup link is also not good, what to do? The best solution right now is to download the BK8 application. App BK8 has a low capacity, so it’s easy to download and install, and it doesn’t take up device resources. Most importantly, the BK8 application is never blocked, so you can enjoy endless green ripening.


BK8 link is the official link to the rising star in the Asian betting sky. So what are you waiting for without quickly registering a member account to check out this interesting playground and receive lots of attractive offers.

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