CLB VIP HI88 is a club that many people are interested in when they come to play at the HI88 house. When becoming a member of this club, players will receive special benefits exclusively for them. Let’s find out some information about this club to see what makes it so special.

About HI88 VIP Club

It can be easily understood that the HI88 VIP club is a gathering place for famous players at HI88. These members have a long history of playing and are also the ones who spend huge amounts of money to invest here. Of course it also includes players who have reaped the rewards of HI88.

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The house always operates with the criterion of putting the interests of the players first, especially those who have actively participated in activities that have contributed a significant part to the success of HI88.

So that CLB VIP HI88 was established as a place for them, if you become a VIP member, you will get special benefits and many other attractive promotions. The higher the level, the bigger the discount and you can accumulate points to raise the level.

How to upgrade to a HI88 VIP member

To be able to become a member of CLB VIP HI88 and get the benefits from here, first you need to upgrade your VIP. Accordingly, your account will be promoted to VIP level when owning a valid cumulative bet and total deposit as follows:

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Go to the VIP barn and go on a mission

The house system will automatically level up your account Nhà cái Hi88 at 2:00 p.m. every day. That condition is that the accounts must properly and fully complete the assigned rules and tasks, and make preferential transfers according to the respective ranks to the individual accounts.

Another important thing is that each VIP level, you only get 1 promotion ticket to level up. Once received, the account will not receive any more level up CLB VIP HI88 otherwise, so be aware of this.

Make time to play regularly

Players who are promoted, within 3 months from being promoted to VIP HI88, are required to maintain valid bets, if not, after 90 days, they will be downgraded 1 level. Spending time playing and accumulating points will help you level up much faster.

Screenshot 3


It is strictly forbidden to use hacking tools

With special promotions and benefits when participating CLB VIP HI88 then the house will manage this program very strictly. If you intend to use 3rd party software, hacking tools to quickly get to VIP, your account will be frozen and all assets acquired in the game will be confiscated.

In addition, each member can only register 1 account. Playing honestly and passionately, the higher the accumulated points, and you will quickly be promoted to your account without using other measures.

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Attractive benefits when joining VIP Club HI88

Currently, the HI88 house offers up to 20 different VIP levels and promotions will increase the reward value according to each level. When the player has reached the required amount of bet and cumulative deposit, he will be promoted to the VIP rank and become one of the number players here.

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Each HI88 member has a total cumulative score of 5 million points and a total deposit of 400 thousand points, this is the score corresponding to VIP 6. When you are promoted to VIP immediately, you will receive gifts and rewards. Prizes will be distributed at 12pm.

As for the monthly promotions, the player will receive it on the first day of the month based on the level, the system will automatically transfer the bonus to the members’ accounts.CLB VIP HI88.

Some notes about the HI88 VIP program

Becoming a member of the HI88 VIP club is the desire of many players here. However, in order to receive these promotions, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • The incentives that HI88 offers will apply to all members, except for accounts that violate the regulations.
  • HI88 is the unit that offers promotions, so it is also allowed to change or terminate the program without notice through any unit.
  • Membership amount CLB VIP HI88 received will not be withdrawn to the bank account.


Here’s everything you need to know about CLB VIP HI88. Hope that through the recent sharing has helped you gain more useful knowledge and wish you all soon become HI88 VIP members and receive many attractive rewards.

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