You’re a successful business owner. And you want to share your experience with other entrepreneurs and industry experts with a business workshop. However, business workshops are only effective if you can get other business owners to attend. Here are five tips to promote your business workshop in 2023.

Create an email marketing campaign

It might be 2023, but that doesn’t mean email is out of style. In fact, email is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing with an average return on investment of $36 for every $1 spent!

Once you have a list of business owners and industry experts you’d like to attend your business workshop, craft an engaging and eye-catching email to invite them to your workshop and a few subsequent emails as reminders.

Like any marketing collateral, your emails are a representation of your workshop. If you send boring text-only emails, potential attendees might not think much of your workshop. Make sure to use a professionally designed email layout to properly represent your workshop. And the best way to maintain a professional design without taking the time to build it from scratch is with templates.

There are hundreds of free corporate email templates available online from websites like PosterMyWall. Browse the designs, choose one that best fits your workshop, customize the information in the easy drag-and-drop editor, and you’re ready to send to your mailing list.

Build a website or landing page

People have a lot of questions before they commit to an event. They want to make sure it’s exactly what they’re looking for before promising their precious time — and this is especially true for busy business professionals. Since you don’t have the time to answer everyone’s questions personally, build a website to do it for you.

With a website dedicated to your business workshop, you can include every minor detail about your workshop, including:

  • Date and time
  • Location (or URL for virtual workshops)
  • Cost of entry
  • How to purchase tickets
  • Special guests and speakers
  • Discussion topics
  • Organizer contact information

Once your website is live, you should include the link in all future marketing collateral, like your marketing emails, social assets, and other advertisements. Your workshop website should be the home base for all your marketing efforts, so potential attendees can learn all the information they need to feel comfortable committing to attend.

Work with an influencer

The influencer market has blown up in the past several years. In 2023, influencer marketing is worth an impressive $21.1 billion and shows no signs of slowing down. And influencers aren’t just for gaming or fashion. You can work with influencers to effectively promote your professional business workshop.

The key to influencer marketing is to find an influencer in your niche. For example, if your business workshop focuses on optimizing business finances, work with an influencer who’s an expert in finance. Because it’s such a business-oriented niche, there’s a good chance that many of their followers would be interested in attending your workshop.

They’ll promote your workshop to their channel, and all their finance-oriented followers will learn about your workshop and possibly want to attend. If you can get the influencer to attend or even speak at your workshop, that’s just icing on the cake!

Write a press release

Business owners don’t typically spend their time scrolling through social media. But that doesn’t mean they don’t consume media. To get your workshop messaging in front of more professionals, try writing a press release.

A well-crafted press release will be distributed to various news organizations and professional social platforms, reaching that key demographic of professional business owners and industry experts.

When writing your press release, be sure to include the benefits of attending your workshop. Let the audience know what’s in it for them. Then include the URL to your workshop’s website or landing page so interested parties can learn more.

Send personal invitations to professionals in your network

Of course you want as many people to attend your workshop as possible. But you likely have a shortlist of professionals you definitely want to attend. Even in 2023, nothing beats a personal invitation.

Write a list of the top people you absolutely would like to attend your workshop. These could be professionals in your network, other business owners in your area, or well-known industry experts. Then, craft personalized invitations for each name on the list.

You can send invitations the old-fashioned way through the mail — which is still an effective tactic. But this is 2023, so the most popular way to send invitations is via email. Just make sure you write a great email subject line to show that it’s not just another marketing email but a very special personalized invitation. Otherwise, your email could simply land in the trash; professionals receive a lot of emails!

Maximize your business workshop attendance

Business workshops are a great way to share knowledge with other industry experts. But they’re only effective if people attend. The best ways to promote your business workshop in 2023 is to start with a great email marketing campaign, build a dedicated workshop website or landing page, work with an influencer, write a press release, and send personal invitations to professionals in your network.

With a few marketing efforts working simultaneously, there’s no way professionals will want to miss the chance to learn from your expertise at your next business workshop. 

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