You might think introducing art in the healthcare field is just a show of pure talent or decorations. But extensive research proves that it is a vital component in the healing process despite being a decoration. Each piece is unique and adds beauty, calmness, and distraction to the viewer.

The art pieces should fit the specific areas of the facility; for example, the art used in the pediatric section won’t have the same effect if taken to a mental health facility or the waiting area. Every art piece should be tailored to address a specific set audience.

Different art programs can offer diverse views like landscapes, photography, woven-together drawing, and local environment that inspire bedtime stories in the pediatric area. After extensive research, its proven art is essential in different ways like:

 Importance of Healthcare Art

Clinical Benefits

Studies have proven that certain art pieces can reduce patients’ length of stay, heart rate, intake of pain medication, and heart rate. This is because pieces of art can be used as a positive distraction. The American healthcare art has been proved to reduce

Patient and employee stress and anxiety: a study found out that viewing can reduce stress levels meaning diseases that are worsened by stress like heart problems and high blood pressure will decrease, shortening the recovery period. Most people don’t like being around a hospital, either as a patient or a visitor but the pieces of art change that by making them feel calm.

Pain distraction: pieces of art evoke different emotions in patients, and the facilities use them as positive distractions from issues like pain, depression, and long recovery periods. Art can also be a source of inspiration and helps the patient to use their imagination which can be helpful for people in painful situations.

Length of stay: the artwork has been proven to reduce the time the patient stays in the hospital. It shortens recovery periods for operational and non-operational patients; if there is a quick recovery, the facility will take more patients within a short time.

The Stakeholders’ Outcome

The art does not only work for patients but also visitors and hospital staff. The healthcare environment is stressful, and when spiced with art pieces, it helps reduce anxiety directly and indirectly among people in the facility. It has been proven that art pieces increase socialization in waiting rooms.

The Economic Importance

A study conducted in mental institutions found that introduction of some pieces of art in the facility contributed to a drop in anxiety cases in patients. The decline of anxiety contributed to the decrease of anxiety medications for the patients hence cutting the cost of patient care.


Choosing art for a hospital should be done after careful thought because it will be a waste of resources to invest in art pieces that don’t create a connection with the staff and patients. When going for the art piece, you don’t ask if it matches the hospital furniture. But the primary question is, who are the patients? The artwork should make the patient feel relaxed and at home, promoting healing.

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